Meet Sandra Basile

Marriage Celebrant Sydney

I am an authorized Marriage Celebrant who can offer you a ceremony that is unique, meaningful and very personal to you, your family and friends.

I am a celebrant who is all about you and listens to what you want as it is “Your Day – Your Way!

We can work together to create a very unique ceremony to represent your personalities, whether it be formal, funny or loving. Every person has a unique life story and I really enjoy listening to the many different experiences so I can write a very distinctive and individual ceremony.

I can take the stress from the both of you and manage all the details and logistics involved in your ceremony, beginning from the preparation of all legal documents to the actual wedding day from the moment your guests arrive to when you are presented to all your family and friends as a “married couple”. But, most of all – I make sure your marriage is legal!

I am very passionate about weddings as it is an unforgettable and memorable event where your family and friends can share the true happiness and love you have for each other.

I always feel very privileged and honoured to share this special day with each couple I marry and this is why I love being a Celebrant!

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Who Am I?

  • Family: I am married, have 3 children and 4 beautiful grandchildren (yes I am a little biased here). I just love spending my spare time with all my family.
  • Favourite things: I just adore anything Italian – food, culture, music and above all Italy! I love anything sweet and enjoy spending time with friends and having long, relaxing lunches with a good bottle of red wine.
  • Hobbies: I love a day at the beach, baking lots of cakes, biscuits, and desserts, going on long country drives and travelling overseas.
  • Credentials: I have a Certificate IV in Celebrancy and my background is Administration and Event Co ordination where my organisational skills are handy when preparing for a ceremony. I am also a member of the Australian Marriage Celebrants Association.

Why hire me?

You may not be aware, but a celebrant will be one of the most valuable and important vendors you will hire. Celebrants are highly qualified trained professionals and are required to complete mandated training annually as per Australian Attorney General’s regulations.

Yes, you would have booked a venue, hired a photographer, organised your flowers, bought the dress (or for you groom’s – a suit) in ready for your special day, however, to make this day legal, you will need a Marriage Celebrant!

I can ensure you have an amazing, enjoyable and stress-free ceremony together with your unique and individual style.

If you think I tick all your boxes of who you want for your amazing day then please give me a call or drop me an email!

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The one question I always hear is “Why do celebrants charge what they do when they only turn up on the day and deliver a 20 – 30mins ceremony?”

My response is…. Celebrants just don’t turn up on the day – say a few words and sign a few documents. The cost of hiring a celebrant for your special day includes all the lead up to the wedding day such as a number of meetings, rehearsals, time taken to prepare a unique script, preparing, processing and lodging all paperwork, travelling and most importantly being present on the special day.

My undertaking is to walk you through the complete wedding ceremony process from the first initial meeting, providing you information all the legalities, creating an awesome story to reflect both of you and for your guests to be part of and above all, setting the scene and atmosphere for your unforgettable day ahead.

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Your Day-Your Way!
A bespoke ceremony that is uniquely for the both of you.
Initial meeting
Preparation of all legal documentation
Preparation of your bespoke, unique and personal ceremony
Schedule of rehearsal/s (extra if requested)
Submitting of documentation to Births, Deaths and Marriages.
Extra meetings if required
Supply resources such as vows, sample ceremonies, readings, poems, music
Provide state of the art PA system
Liaise with vendors and venue management
Travel within 50 kms of my office. Any travel over 50 kms will incur an extra cost (to be negotiated)

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I Do!
A simple ceremony created from pre-written script
Initial meeting
Preparation of all legal documentation
Choice between 5 pre-written ceremonies
Schedule of one rehearsal
Submitting of documentation to Births, Deaths and Marriages.
Two face to face meetings
Supply some resources such as vows and music
Provide state of the art PA system
Travel within 50 kms of my office. Any travel over 50 kms will incur an extra cost (to be negotiated)


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Short and Sweet!
A low-key ceremony (LEGALS ONLY) Maximum of 6 guests (includes 2 witnesses)
Initial meeting
Preparation of all legal documentation
Ceremony with legal requirements only of words and signing of paperwork.
Submitting of documentation to Births, Deaths and Marriages.
Travel within 10 kms of my office. Any travel over 10kms will incur an extra cost (to be negotiated).
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Extra cost for all packages:

The official “Marriage Certificate” from the Births, Deaths and Marriages dept is an extra cost of $60.

Other Ceremonies

Vow Renewals – $500

Whether you have been married for quite some time or would just like to relive your wedding day again, Vow Renewals are becoming very popular and are a wonderful way to re commit to the love you have for each other.

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I can create a beautiful ceremony to reflect your love, happiness and commitment you made to each other years ago. There are no legal requirements for this ceremony, however, a Commemorative Certificate is available.

Baby Naming – $400

Welcoming a new life into a family is a joyous and wonderful moment in any parent’s life. A naming day is an informal occasion, gathering of friends and family together to celebrate the birth and naming of the child.

I can arrange a very beautiful non-religious civil ceremony where guests can share their thoughts and wishes for the new arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of queries I receive regarding getting married as couples usually receive different information from other sources. Below is a list of frequently asked questions, but I am more than happy to answer any queries you may have regarding any aspect of your wedding.

What are the legal requirements in getting married?

The ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ form must be completed no less than 1 month and no more than 18 months prior to the wedding date.All identification documents must be original, ie passport, birth certificate, driver ’s licence. The‘Certificate of no Legal Impediment’ form must be completed and signed as close as possible to the wedding date.

What is required for a Change of Name?

You will need to obtain your full Marriage Certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages at a cost of $56.00. The commemorative Certificate of Marriage obtained on your Wedding Day is not an official certificate for change of name purposes.

However, the Celebrant can include a completed application form with all the relevant paperwork for registration of the marriage and the need of proof of your identification is waived. This is a matter between the Celebrant and couple to agree to.

I have been married 3 times, will I require all of my divorce papers?

No, you will only need your most recent divorce certificate.

Is it possible to complete ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ form before a divorce is processed?

Yes, however you cannot be married until the celebrant receives your final divorce papers.

I have changed my mind on the Marriage Celebrant. Do you need to lodge a new Notice of Intended Marriage form?

No, it is the responsibility of the first Marriage Celebrant to safely transfer the form to the intended Celebrant, however, you must ask the first celebrant to transfer this form for you.

We married overseas and would like a ceremony with family and friends present. Can we have another Australian wedding service?

No, people who are legally married overseas cannot go through with another wedding ceremony to each other.An Australian ceremony would need to be conducted as a Vow Renewal.

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